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1,000 Church and Mission Leaders to Meet in Rome for

the fifth Global Mission Consultation



Over 2,000 leaders will gather from around the world for the fifth Global Mission Consultation this November 15-18 in Rome, Italy. The purpose of the gathering is threefold: 1) Discuss ways to collaborate in mission globally, 2) Equip the church in Europe to reach the Muslim world, especially recent immigrants to the region, and 3) Examine the new reformation required in the Church today to fulfill the Great Commission in this generation. Evangelical leaders have been invited to submit a new collection of 95 theses which will be compiled into a book and translated into multiple languages.

The gathering is being hosted by a coalition of evangelical churches in Italy in partnership with the Global Mission Consultation, which has roots in the Tokyo 2010 mission gathering called for by missiologist Ralph D. Winter. 

Background and Purpose

The Global Mission Consultation is a Great Commission driven movement that spans five continents and over 100 countries. Its endeavors include:   

to take the gospel of Jesus to the entire non-Christian world 

to train and equip missionaries and to place them into the mission field 

to grow the Church in the mission field and to establish the Kingdom of Christ abroad

to see the periodic gathering of the mission leaders to further enhance the work of the Church where it is not yet established

The movement is set within the context and spirit of Edinburgh 1910, which gathered the entire Christian world to assess the progress of world evangelization and develop cooperative plans to reach frontier regions with the gospel. One hundred years later, a similar gathering was held in Tokyo, Japan, which came to be known as Tokyo 2010. Through a major collaborative effort of several global missionary organizations, further conferences were organized in Ghana (2013), Lima-Peru (2014) and Madrid (2016).  

In Tokyo 2010, a special “Finishing the Task” List detailing the existence of 632 unreached peoples without any long-term missionary engagement was distributed. This led to the engagement of 171 of these peoples by representatives at Tokyo 2010. Special emphasis was given to the growth and development of the Third World (Non-Western) missions movement. In 1910 virtually no delegates were from the non-Western world. At Tokyo 2010, the vast majority represented non-Western mission sending agencies. This dramatic change reflects the reality that today 80% of Christians are of non-European descent—the reverse of what was true in 1910.

Rome 2017 is set to continue in the tradition of preceding GMC conferences. While the general outlook is global, there will also be integration with the local challenges facing the region. In the case of Europe that challenge is the growing influx of Muslim immigrants to the continent. But while this is certainly a challenge for God’s people it also represents an unprecedented opportunity. A special feature of the Rome gathering will be presence of top-level Church leaders from Latin America and Africa. This is intended to send a message that the church in Europe is not alone. The global body of Christ is standing with them to serve and assist them in reaching the many thousands from the Muslim world who are showing interest in the gospel.

Sponsoring Organizations and Networks

Sponsoring entities include the  World Link Missions Association (WLMA - 1986),   Asia Missions Association (AMA - 1975), the Global Network of Mission Structures (GNMS – 2005), Dr. Obed Alvarez serves as conference chairperson. Dr. Hisham Kamel serves as the conference coordinator.  

Board of Reference

Rev Dr. Penya Baba - Mission Consultant;  Professor Peter Beyerhaus, Th.D, DD - Professor of Missiology at Tuebingen University, Germany;  Dr. David J. Cho - Founder of Asia Missions Association;  Dr. David Hesselgrave - Professor Emeritus of Mission, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois;  Dr. Sam Kameleson - President Emeritus of Friends' Missionary Prayer Band, Vice President of World Vision (Retired);  Rev. Dr. Sang-bok David Kim - WEA Chairman and Senior Pastor, Hallelujah Community Church, Korea;  Dr. Paul Pierson - Dean Emeritus, School of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary;  Dr. Rev. Philip Teng -- Honorary Presidents of China Graduate Theological Seminary and Alliance Bible Seminary in Hong Kong, and Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism  

Rome 2017 Planning Committee 

Miguel Diez, Obed Alvarez, Gabriel Barau, Yong Cho, Hisham Kamel, Minoru Okuyama, Seth Anyomi, 

International Reference Board and International Speakers Rome 2017 

Dr. Luis Palau, Dr. Paul Pierson, Dr. Sam Kamaleson, Dr. Peter Wagner, Dr. Dudley Woodberry

Dr. Paul Eshleman, Dr.George Vewer, Dr. Greg Livingstone, Dr.Ashraf Basilious, Dr.Reza Fasa

Rv. Miguel Diez, Dr. Gbile Akani, Dr. Yong Cho, Dr. Gabriel Barau, Dr. Obed R. Alvarez, Dr. Joshua Lingel, Dr.Stefan Gustavson, Dr.Minoru Okuyama, Dr. Hisham Kamel, Dr. Seth Anyomi, Dr. Jacob Nuhuway,